Pinboard: Oranje Cruyff


Johan Cruyff was named the best footballer, albeit unlucky, by no one but Franz Beckenbauer himself. Now, there’s no need to take the word of the German Kaiser–the proof is scattered all over the internet. There are reruns of games dating from the seventies, and now that Barcelona is super-popular… don’t let them tell you otherwise. Johan Cruyff made them.

Cruyff invented total football. Now, many of us might not have seen him play live, but that doesn’t stop his sphere of influence. Then again, I don’t know how old Roxana Vergara, the pinner of this board, is. Judging by her picture, she might have done so–but we’re not here to guess ageing, are we?

So, the board might not be the most complete Cruyff account ever, but at least, it’s honest and heartfelt. Ms Vergara says she fell in love with sport and with the Oranje because of this guy, and who are we to contradict her? If anything, we should imitate her. If not convinced, this pinned video might do the trick.


Johan Cruyff being amazing.


All hail him here.