Pinboard: Juventus F.C.



Ah, Juventus. The Old Lady of Turin.  “Winning is not important, but it’s the only thing that counts!” says the quote by Giampiero Boniperti, an ex-footballer in love with the club. Not only him, but many people are, including me. It’s a big club, after all, even if its shady reputation has threatened to pull it down. Even if Bayern kicked them out of the Champions League when they looked like they were about to win–they’re lovable. Or you hate them. Big club indeed.

However, what happens with big clubs in Pinterest is that everyone has a board devoted to them with perhaps two or three pins of recent victories and nothing else. Jump in the bandwagon, anyone? Fortunately, this is not the case with this board by Diego Eichberger and Laura (even though Diego is the most active member).

Of course, you will find pins that show the most recent Juventus, the one that has grown alive and dangerous again under the leadership of Antonio Conte (and there are numerous pictures of him as well). Yet, there’s even more to look at. There are also former heroes, from the legendary (and even ubiquitous) Pavel Nedved and well-known Edgar Davids to Michel Laudrup (I didn’t know he had been a Juventino!). There’s also Dino Zoff (that was history class for me) Paolo Montero, Ciro Ferrara… names presented in shots, or Panini album stickers. There are also squads, from the recent ones, back to the 70’s, and even one from 1903.

Is that not enough? Maybe the only bad thing of the board is that some pins are duplicated, but it’s still a very good board, considering the myriad of bad boards about a popular club out there. And… do you wanna drool?

maradona platini


Love them or hate them as you do Juve, that’s the bianconeri against Napoli and that’s Maradona against Michel Platini. Really, that’s enough football to bust your screen without a ball.


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