Pin-ball: Pinterest and football


Pinterest. A site to share what you’re passionate about. And football is something to be passionate about.

Unfortunately, people post all kinds of random things in their boards. So, if you want to find something about football, you may end up screening past pictures of several other things before getting to that image you want for your own pinboard. Or for your image collection.

Not anymore. Here, I will post the link to any interesting football pinboard I find. Plus, I will also provide you with a brief reason why you should definitely check the board out–what does it offer? I mean, when you support mainstream teams such as Barcelona or Manchester United, you need something new besides the same old Messi or Rooney pictures, right?

Also, if you have a pinboard you think is interesting, feel free to submit it to me on a comment.

P.S. Yes, North America. By football, I mean soccer. Apologies for the misunderstandings.