Pinboard: English football team badges


English football team badges might sound like a board put together by some amateur, but you’re in for a surprise with Mr. Robert Bovington’s pinboard. First of all because he’s a Brighton fan. (Who?) But because the collection is pretty comprehensive as well. Not limited to the teams everyone knows, Mr. Bovington presents badges from the Welsh sides playing at the English League. Not only Swansea, at the Premier, but also Cardiff shows up. There are not too many captions, but curious football fans might find themselves surprised by a Dagenham and Redbridge badge (who?).

We can add that Mr. Bovington also does a good job at being impartial. He includes a Manchester United badge even though they are his “least favorite team”. Well, you can’t have a collection by being partial, can you?

So, if you’re an English football fan who’s not limited to the Premiership, you must visit this blog. Even as an amateur, a bit of extra football knowledge can’t harm you. Plus, if you’re in for aesthetics, some badges are really beautiful to look at. I shall leave you with an example: the badge of a team that was at the Premiership in 1912, but not anymore: Bradford Park (who?)

bradford park

Bovington’s badges here.