News: Cindy Lake and her players

xabi alonso


Cindy Lake likes her Xabi Alonso in a suit. Well, that’s the way we ladies like it. But wait! Before you go away thinking that I have given up on this blog and that I will talk about girly pinboards, let me explain…

Cindy Lake is a lady who had a pinboard celebrating the beauty of football players. Yes, that’s clear. However, as it turned out, this logical attraction proved very useful to her.

It turns out that Cindy Lake’s board called the attention of Birmingham Blogging Academy writer Wade Kwon enough to have an article written about her. In it, Kwon described how Cindy was what you could describe as “a good pinner” with three examples of how she handles the social network (read the article, come on). And, of course, there was a section dedicated to the football players board.

The story didn’t stop there. It turned out that, because of Kwon’s article and her board, Cindy Lake is now the manager of the MLS official online store. Now, what do you think about that? Who says that being passionate about… men… can’t help you?

I consider this success story reason enough to have Cindy’s board in my blog. And, if you don’t, I’ll give you another reason. This one’s for the ladies out there. No, it’s not the usual Beckham or Ronaldo…

It’s Diego Forlan, from Uruguay. And I know you will like it.



I know you want to visit the board now.