Pinboard: Liverpool Unseen

Unseen Liverpool images are, perhaps, a must for the official Liverpool FC Pinterest account. They are a team with history, and, until recently, the squad with the most Premier League titles. Now they cannot beat their rivals at the League, but they have indeed beat them to Pinterest.

But anyways… so what do they have to offer besides squad shots? It seems that a lot. Their pinboards start from what a team offers to its supporters and what they offer back: merchandise (including kits), fan art, and fan pictures. Which are things you can find at any sports or fan site. There are pinboards dedicated to heroes too (and it’s an insult that Luis Suarez has his own pinboard while Steven Gerrard doesn’t). In fact, there are some unexpected boards, like one dedicated to cakes or another one dedicated to Miss LFC China (you think I’m joking, don’t you?).

The Liverpool pinboards may start getting a bit ridiculous, yes; but “Unseen” never loses its style. There are genuine jewels there. One is a 1947 picture of the players at a hotel, before an FA Cup semi-final. There is also a picture of Mandela wearing a Liverpool shirt. Or one of Bob Paisley carrying Emlyn Hughes. These pictures are still hard to find, even for a Liverpool fan. And, most of all, they are interesting and fun to look at. The only setback is that they should improve their footnotes and give more information about the pictures.

Here’s a teaser for the pinboard. Actual players when they were young (er). What do you think of this one, Liverpool fans?

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