Pinboard: Newcastle United 2011-12

Newcastle celebration 1

Newcastle United might not be the most popular team in the Premier League: you know, there are some others that sell lots of kits. Like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and lately, Manchester City. Following that, the official Pinterest account for the club only shows three pinboards: one with merchandise (albeit empty), one with the managers and this one. But, mind you, this one is the one that calls attention powerfully, if you’re a fan.

Season 2011-2012 was a great one for this club. And this pinboard is a comprehensive account of everything that happened that season. There’s a picture representing the victories and the losses, together with the links for a full report. For a fan, this is the perfect way to relive a spectacular season (I’m not exaggerating. I mean, they defeated Manchester United. Twice. What the hell). Meanwhile, for the non-fans, this is a reminder of the beauty of football, and how a team that can be considered “small” can be a David to a Goliath.

In fact, I leave you now with a picture that represents what I had just said: ladies and gentlemen, that’s Newcastle defeating Chelsea. Yes, it is. Feel the joy in the celebration!

Newcastle celebration 2


Newcastle’s memory lane pinboard here.


Pinboard: Celebrations

casillas celebration


Celebrations. That sublime moment of a goal, of the moment in which a ball can change history. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing or watching: if you love football, you know that’s intense.

This is what Bridgette, together with Cindy Lake (remember her?) try to show in the pinboard appropriately called “Celebrations”. From goals to the moment of absolute victory, with players holding a Cup, pictures that convey the euphoria of the moment, with jumping, hugging, kissing and whatever else rule the board.

Unfortunately, perhaps it might be a bit too Liverpool oriented, but there are still some jewels to look at. For example, King Kenny Dalglish in all his royal power, yelling at the fans in the stand, celebrating a title-clenching goal, one of those that mark days that will be remembered for years to come.

kenny dalglish




(Or a different kind of jewel. Like this one. No, I don’t know who the owner of the butt is).

holland celebration

Celebrate here. 

News: Kickette, don’t go!


First of all, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately, I don’t have good New Year news for all girls reading this. It’s because, the site where you could get a fix of hot football players, has gone into an undefinite hiatus. Yes, goodbye gossip, pictures of shirtless players, and even daydreams of bromance (John Terry and Frank Lampard, what can I say? I’m looking at you).

However, the good news here is that they have their Pinterest site up. So, if you girls feel like you’re experiencing withdrawal from hot footballers, you only have to take a look at this:

beckham suit


Kickette’s archive of more men with and without suits here. 

News: Cindy Lake and her players

xabi alonso


Cindy Lake likes her Xabi Alonso in a suit. Well, that’s the way we ladies like it. But wait! Before you go away thinking that I have given up on this blog and that I will talk about girly pinboards, let me explain…

Cindy Lake is a lady who had a pinboard celebrating the beauty of football players. Yes, that’s clear. However, as it turned out, this logical attraction proved very useful to her.

It turns out that Cindy Lake’s board called the attention of Birmingham Blogging Academy writer Wade Kwon enough to have an article written about her. In it, Kwon described how Cindy was what you could describe as “a good pinner” with three examples of how she handles the social network (read the article, come on). And, of course, there was a section dedicated to the football players board.

The story didn’t stop there. It turned out that, because of Kwon’s article and her board, Cindy Lake is now the manager of the MLS official online store. Now, what do you think about that? Who says that being passionate about… men… can’t help you?

I consider this success story reason enough to have Cindy’s board in my blog. And, if you don’t, I’ll give you another reason. This one’s for the ladies out there. No, it’s not the usual Beckham or Ronaldo…

It’s Diego Forlan, from Uruguay. And I know you will like it.



I know you want to visit the board now.

Pinboard: English football team badges


English football team badges might sound like a board put together by some amateur, but you’re in for a surprise with Mr. Robert Bovington’s pinboard. First of all because he’s a Brighton fan. (Who?) But because the collection is pretty comprehensive as well. Not limited to the teams everyone knows, Mr. Bovington presents badges from the Welsh sides playing at the English League. Not only Swansea, at the Premier, but also Cardiff shows up. There are not too many captions, but curious football fans might find themselves surprised by a Dagenham and Redbridge badge (who?).

We can add that Mr. Bovington also does a good job at being impartial. He includes a Manchester United badge even though they are his “least favorite team”. Well, you can’t have a collection by being partial, can you?

So, if you’re an English football fan who’s not limited to the Premiership, you must visit this blog. Even as an amateur, a bit of extra football knowledge can’t harm you. Plus, if you’re in for aesthetics, some badges are really beautiful to look at. I shall leave you with an example: the badge of a team that was at the Premiership in 1912, but not anymore: Bradford Park (who?)

bradford park

Bovington’s badges here.

Pinboard: AS Roma Hall of Fame


AS Roma’s Hall of Fame sounds like something nice, right? They deserve an award already, because they were the first European team to start using Pinterest. No, my last post said Liverpool were the first Premier League team, but not the first European one. Let’s leave the honor to the Romanistas, ok?

So, what can we find at Roma’s pinboards? They have merchandise, of course, neatly arranged in different pinboards, separating men’s from women’s for children’s and accesories. They also have their fan boards, and, of course, cakes, because Pinterest’s all about cakes, right? In fact, if you’re not interested in football, there’s also a pinboard dedicated to the attractions you can find in the city of Rome. Or a pinboard dedicated to what fans like in Pinterest, which ends up being filled not with football, but pets.

Yet, this pinboard offers something nice. In it, fans can vote for people who deserve to be at the team’s hall of fame. I say people because it’s not limited to players–there’s even a chance to vote for their greatest supporter, Valeria Folcarelli, now deceased.

That’s only an example of what you’ll find–legends. The pictures are truly exclusive. You can look at players from the first decade of the 1900’s–the best part, you don’t have to ask who they are. Captions are perfectly explanatory. They are history lessons, and become fascinating when you read the lives of players at Roma.

A teaser? Carlo Ancelotti, as a player. A legend in Roma before… money.


This way to the Hall of Fame.

Pinboard: Liverpool Unseen

Unseen Liverpool images are, perhaps, a must for the official Liverpool FC Pinterest account. They are a team with history, and, until recently, the squad with the most Premier League titles. Now they cannot beat their rivals at the League, but they have indeed beat them to Pinterest.

But anyways… so what do they have to offer besides squad shots? It seems that a lot. Their pinboards start from what a team offers to its supporters and what they offer back: merchandise (including kits), fan art, and fan pictures. Which are things you can find at any sports or fan site. There are pinboards dedicated to heroes too (and it’s an insult that Luis Suarez has his own pinboard while Steven Gerrard doesn’t). In fact, there are some unexpected boards, like one dedicated to cakes or another one dedicated to Miss LFC China (you think I’m joking, don’t you?).

The Liverpool pinboards may start getting a bit ridiculous, yes; but “Unseen” never loses its style. There are genuine jewels there. One is a 1947 picture of the players at a hotel, before an FA Cup semi-final. There is also a picture of Mandela wearing a Liverpool shirt. Or one of Bob Paisley carrying Emlyn Hughes. These pictures are still hard to find, even for a Liverpool fan. And, most of all, they are interesting and fun to look at. The only setback is that they should improve their footnotes and give more information about the pictures.

Here’s a teaser for the pinboard. Actual players when they were young (er). What do you think of this one, Liverpool fans?

Click here to see what Liverpool has left unseen.