Pinboard: Legends of Football



Legends of football. They’re a thing of pride, almost a national treasure. Names that, when spoken, can evoke glory and achievements that bring awe to us lovers of the beautiful game. We may argue about who’s the best one ever, such as the Kaiser (pictured), PelĂ©, Maradona, or Cruyff (I chose the last one, if you wanted to know) but there are always names we chose for ourselves. Legends for the country, the club, and our personal hearts.

And this is what happens in Frank Lara Risco’s pinboard. In it, you may find the usual suspects: the aforementioned legends plus Zizou, Platini, van Basten, Figo, Ronaldo (the first one, the Brazilian one, the fat one, to quote Sir Alex Ferguson) and several others. Yet, there are some names that many won’t consider the usual legends. Edmilson. Remember him? Long-nosed Brazilian who played for Barcelona? Would you place Rui Costa among the titans? Is Jamie Carragher legend enough to rival or outmatch Ronaldinho or Maldini?

Well, while looking at this pinboard, you may or might not agree (and if you don’t agree, Mr. Lara Risco has other footy pinboards you can check out). But I can guarantee, you will have a great time looking at the pictures and will agree some are treasure, such as this one:

Di Stefano


Di Stefano, Italy’s candidate for one of the best ever, with his club… Espanyol! Did you know that bit of trivia?


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