Pinboard: What’s on the back of your shirt?

mrs samir

What’s on the back of your shirt? We could be mean and say nobody cares. Well, apparently Manchester City does care!… As long as your shirt is a City one, of course.

Manchester City FC’s Pinterest account boasts several pinboards, including one dedicated to James Milner and another one dedicated to… er.. Balotelli’s hair (should I talk about it in another post?). Yet, this collaborative board is the one that meets the eye because it’s practically interactive. As you can see, fans are not satisfied with their idols’ (or crush’s) name on their backs. (I’d never thought I’d see a Mrs. Nasri, though).

Most of the kits are personalized with the fan’s surname: however, there are some prints that are fun to watch, including a Mancini one. And, even though I’m definitely not a City fan (United, people. Manchester is red) I have to admit, I tilt my hat to this. I’d date Mr. Hart, what can I say?

joe hart date

What’s in the back of these shirts?


Pinboard: Newcastle United 2011-12

Newcastle celebration 1

Newcastle United might not be the most popular team in the Premier League: you know, there are some others that sell lots of kits. Like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and lately, Manchester City. Following that, the official Pinterest account for the club only shows three pinboards: one with merchandise (albeit empty), one with the managers and this one. But, mind you, this one is the one that calls attention powerfully, if you’re a fan.

Season 2011-2012 was a great one for this club. And this pinboard is a comprehensive account of everything that happened that season. There’s a picture representing the victories and the losses, together with the links for a full report. For a fan, this is the perfect way to relive a spectacular season (I’m not exaggerating. I mean, they defeated Manchester United. Twice. What the hell). Meanwhile, for the non-fans, this is a reminder of the beauty of football, and how a team that can be considered “small” can be a David to a Goliath.

In fact, I leave you now with a picture that represents what I had just said: ladies and gentlemen, that’s Newcastle defeating Chelsea. Yes, it is. Feel the joy in the celebration!

Newcastle celebration 2


Newcastle’s memory lane pinboard here.

Pinboard: Celebrations

casillas celebration


Celebrations. That sublime moment of a goal, of the moment in which a ball can change history. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing or watching: if you love football, you know that’s intense.

This is what Bridgette, together with Cindy Lake (remember her?) try to show in the pinboard appropriately called “Celebrations”. From goals to the moment of absolute victory, with players holding a Cup, pictures that convey the euphoria of the moment, with jumping, hugging, kissing and whatever else rule the board.

Unfortunately, perhaps it might be a bit too Liverpool oriented, but there are still some jewels to look at. For example, King Kenny Dalglish in all his royal power, yelling at the fans in the stand, celebrating a title-clenching goal, one of those that mark days that will be remembered for years to come.

kenny dalglish




(Or a different kind of jewel. Like this one. No, I don’t know who the owner of the butt is).

holland celebration

Celebrate here. 

News: Kickette, don’t go!


First of all, I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately, I don’t have good New Year news for all girls reading this. It’s because, the site where you could get a fix of hot football players, has gone into an undefinite hiatus. Yes, goodbye gossip, pictures of shirtless players, and even daydreams of bromance (John Terry and Frank Lampard, what can I say? I’m looking at you).

However, the good news here is that they have their Pinterest site up. So, if you girls feel like you’re experiencing withdrawal from hot footballers, you only have to take a look at this:

beckham suit


Kickette’s archive of more men with and without suits here.